This client was anxious about her lip treatment but by taking time and talking it through we achieved really natural results
Taking a client’s wishes and transforming the shape of their features can be subtle and natural looking
When we don’t like our skin the first thing we do is add layer after layer of foundation which in itself is ageing and can further damage the skin. This is always my ultimate goal
Sometimes treatments need to focus on creating an instant glow and make you ‘red carpet’ ready and glowingly fresh
Life long acne scaring isn’t necessary. With a program of treatments and a vampire facial we really changed this ladies feelings about herself :)
Getting the right advice on scientifically proven products is essential if you want to really change your skin.
Adding a touchh of antiwrinkle medicine to this ladies face plan gave her eyes a refreshed look that she desperately wanted,
This journey was a simple one. Working with her to agree a plan was a real pleasure